5 Steps to Create an AMAZING Signature Offer for Your Online Coaching or Consulting Business


If you've ever felt your multi-passionate nature is working against you and keeping you from taking action because you're overwhelmed with possibilities and confused about where to take the next steps. . .

I’ve got you covered!

As you might have guessed, I’ve had quite a bit of experience in helping others find a purpose for their life missions and clarity in their calling and I've made some rookie mistakes along the way.

When I first created my coaching business, I started by focusing on who the ideal client was instead of first identifying what I had to give - rookie mistake.

I wasn't willing to share my story and truth and therefore couldn't authentically serve.

I was not clear in my messaging and offer and had only a general idea of what the outcomes would be instead of having clear results to work toward.

I don’t want you to have to make the same mistakes, so let’s look at how to gain clarity for creating amazing offers that inspire your ideal clients to invest in themselves by working with you!

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First – let’s look at the philosophy for packaging your expertise in the first place. The biggest mistake I see new coaches making is selling their services in single, one-off sessions.

But let me ask you this – can your clients really get INCREDIBLE results with you in just 1 or 2 hours? Not usually, right? Your offer and solution need to be in alignment with the time it takes to see exceptional results they want and so desperately need.

They need a TRANSFORMATION... and that takes time. So packaging your services into a high-ticket transformational program or system will enable our clients to receive deep work and attention as you rely on your expertise to guide them.

No more stressing about getting results in a short timeframe!


Now let’s get started creating your Signature Offer!

1. Own Your Truth: Serve Authentically with a Unique Offer

  • Identify how can YOU use your unique life experiences, God-given passions, and skillset to serve and empower others?

  • Look at the big picture of your life and try to identify in which ways you can genuinely guide others to a healthier and more fulfilled life.

2. Identify Your Ideal Client: Figure out WHO You Are Here to Serve

  • Get crystal clear on your ideal client "avatar" and who needs your help most so you can step into their shoes and serve them well.

  • Identify their pain points and the language they use to describe their problem.

  • Conduct a few interviews get specifics on exactly what kind of support your ideal client needs to reach their goals.

3. Map Out Your Program Process and Features

  • What steps do your clients need to take to get results? Map out it out, step-by-step with specific and tangible prizes as they reach their goals.

  • How many sessions will it take for your clients to get results?

  • Are you providing any resources, worksheets, or training videos for your clients?

  • Will your solution require one-on-one or group coaching? *One-on-one coaching is sold at a higher price point than group work or courses and is highly customized to the needs of client's specific situation.

4. Name and Price Your Package

  • Name your transformation so your clients start to set it as their intention for their investment (ex. Journey to Freedom, Passion to Profits, 90-day Mindset Shift, etc)

  • Charge for the transformation/outcomes your clients will receive, not an hourly rate.

  • Know what the current marketable value of your services with your level of expertise is. Do your research here to save you concern in the long-run.

  • Embrace a mindset that will enable you to serve your clients in such a way that you can confidently charge you worth!

5. Add a Bonus

  • Give your potential clients a reason to invest in themselves today with a fast action bonus, discount, or offer.

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And there you have it! I expect these steps will help you get started.

Up next… the 5 Essentials to Building Your Thriving Coaching or Consulting Business Online (so you can escape your 9-5!). It’s all about systems and funnels - get ready!