Balancing Energies - As an act of self-love

Balancing energies IS an act of self-love.


The act of balancing your energies is a beautiful, clarity and healing inducting tool. This is a PRACTICE of self-awareness and self-love. My own life challenges and experiences have brought me to realizations that self-love is an act of worship to our creator. Complete self-love is the most selfless act that can ever exist. So here I find myself, desiring to share my knowledge and the understanding that this is something that we should each be mindful of as we care for our temple.

Balancing your energies is a very real, mental, emotional, and physical act of self-love and takes intentional effort. 


Physical Energy Input:

Each time you eat, you are taking in physical energy in the form of calories. You must ask yourself, Is what I'm eating providing my body with what it needs to be at its best?

Are you feeding yourself high quality and nutritious ingredients so that it can fuel your actions and enable you to live your mission in this world? 

Physical Energy Output:

You are expending your physical energy in every action you take (even passive ones). Are you caring for your temple by choosing to expend energy in ways that honors it and makes it stronger? Do you feel physically exhausted at the end of the day, or do you lay awake restless?


Here is a quick list of ways I balance MY physical energies (this will look very different for everyone):

1. A high quality organic and vegan diet

2. Daily yoga practice

3. Running

4. Clean water (spring water or heavy metal and fluoride-free water) - a hydrated system better supports nutrient absorption. 

5. Good quality sleep (phone-free) 


Conscious physical energy input and output can change your life. Think about it.


Now on to the fun stuff... Mental/Emotional Energies

Do you ever feel like you could a run mile after getting good news or doing something really nice for someone? Conversely, do you feel mentally exhausted after having a negative conversation or find that you have no energy when you are in a sad state? 

Every sentence and thought that we speak and hear has a frequency, as does music, of course (sound). Frequencies are waves of energy. We're affected by energy wavelengths differently. Some frequencies produce positive effects. Some produce negative effects (think micro waves and radio waves).

Taking in energies that produce positive effects and limiting harmful energies can be extremely beneficial in nearly all areas of your life... relationships, attitude, self-image, finding purpose, healing, creative ambitions, serving other, etc. 

If you are taking in more positive things than negative things, you WILL be happier in life because of it. 



Here is a quick list of actions that I have found produce positive energy Effects:

1. Listening to music, especially at the 432 and 528 frequency (you can find this on youtube or Spotify)

2. Laughing

3. Giving and receiving encouragement, support, and love 

4. Thinking positive thoughts and better yet, writing them down

5. Being outside and grounding yourself... letting your barefeet touch the earth. (learn why this is important here: )

6. Abundance mindset (believing that you already live in abundance and then realizing that you actually do) 

7. Skin to skin contact with someone you love 

8. Catching up with an old friend

9. Spending time with loved ones 

10. Limiting all things negative (news and media, toxic people/environments, commercialism, and the more more more mindset) 

11. Lots and LOTS of gratitude (I meditate on gratitude and thank God for all my blessings).


I am very aware that my way of thinking is not for everyone... I fully understand that. We are each on our own divine path. Every path is differnt. My unique life experiences have directly led me to this understanding of energies and consideration of my body as a temple for a divine soul.

Are you consciously caring for your temple (mind and body)?

Do you find that you have a balance between YOUR energy input and output?

Kailagh Kankaras