A MASSIVE Mindset-shift: Embracing Gratitude


Don't delay in welcoming confidence and happiness in your life.

You are worthy of it NOW! Why wait?...

Embrace this mindset today by CHOOSING it into your life (read below for an outline you can use to make this incredible shift!).

Life has so much to offer. There is SO much living to be had. Sometimes it requires a leap of faith to see that it's possible. 

 It's worth it! It's beautiful...

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Here are the steps I used to shift my mindset from lack and scarcity to abundance and joy:

Step 1. 

Ask yourself "What would solve (or greatly help) my life problems right now? What would make me instantly happier in life if I had it right now?" Think BIG.

Step 2. 

Now imagine that it actually happened. That you were instantly blessed. You won the proverbial lottery... Take a moment to imagine and experience the overwhelming gratitude you would feel. Sit in this for a bit and feel it's ease, peace, and excitement. 

Step 3. 

Now, embrace that same mindset of confidence, happiness, and security that you felt and apply it to your life as it is right now. It doesn't matter if it's reality or not, choose to feel it and know it anyway. You will be overwhelmed by gratitude if you choose to live in that space. You'll realize that your life already IS amazing and beautiful and that you ARE being cared for.

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If you're a good steward of what's been given to you, God will bless you for it. It doesn't start with caring for the physical things that you've been given. It starts with caring for your mind and spirit. Become a good steward of this first, by choosing to see the beauty in the "here and now" and becoming overwhelmed with gratitude for it.


Note: This mindset-shift gets easier to embrace with consistent practice and then becomes how you live your life, without even thinking about it. 

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When you start to feel what it's like to live in a state of joy and in confidence that everything really is working out for YOU, you can't help but become overjoyed.  


Sometimes, it's gratitude THEN faith, other times it's faith THEN gratitude. Either way, I choose to celebrate with the expectation of great things to come.

Who's with me? 


Gratitude and faith are the foundation of my life and business.

I've been called to help women embrace freedom of time and location, by building a profitable online businesses that serves and empowers others. 

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Kailagh Kankaras