NEGATIVITY DETOX: Simple steps YOU can take to change your life forever


Our God is BIG… we should expect BIG things. 

A Simple Negativity Detox:

Detoxing from negativity can be extremely difficult in our current society.

We are inundated daily with news of sad, bad, stupid, wasteful, and scary things. You WILL face negativity throughout your day, so the goal here should be to minimize your exposure to negativity to the best of your ability. As much as we hate to admit it, we are in some ways addicted to the drama of negativity. Our society has conditioned us to crave this in the form of news broadcasts, violent movies and TV shows, newsfeeds, reality TV, junk food, and yes, even NPR. 

These mind-numbing and fear-inducing things have bred a culture of unhealthy expectations, concepts, and relationships. We have been fueled by pride, jealousy, violence, and fear. (Even writing or reading these words is really too much negativity to invite in your life - but it’s all for the greater good.)


We must become aware… allow yourself to recognize these negative things which you take in daily.  Let go of the things that don’t serve you and cause you (possibly unknown) pain and anxiety. I promise that you will still know what's happening in the world without watching the news or listening to NPR. 

Make room for beautiful things… choose to cut as much of the negativity out of your life as you possibly can. You will do a great service to yourself by making space for the beauty that will infiltrate your life when you have room for it to grow. 

Welcome to open-mindedness, love, generosity, healing, peace, passion, purpose, and joy. Invite into your life the tools, experiences, ideas, or “things” that bring about positivity. 

This will look different from person to person but to give you an idea, for me its… laughter, prayer, yoga, meditation, being outdoors, drinking tea, eating vegan, surrounding myself with people who root me on and create a safe place to express creativity and love, gratitude, travel, self-care, generosity, and an abundance mindset… just to name a few.


Peace Challenge:


I challenge YOU to raise your vibration by letting go of unnecessary negativity and welcome in positivity. You will create a beautiful existence for yourself and those around you. Recognize the effect and spread love by sharing this awareness with others. 

Make a mental list of all the unnecessary negativity in your life (any TV shows, poor food choices, certain apps, practices, and even people). Note your current overall happiness/fulfillment in life (maybe think about your happiness on a 1 to 10 scale). For 7 days, I challenge you to attempt to cut all of these out of your daily intake. Try your best to be aware and graciously decline the temptation to partake in activities, foods, and practices that do not breed positivity and love. Recognize how your thoughts and feelings have been affected by this beautiful release and begin to allow that space to be filled with love, laughter, peace, and fulfillment. Do you feel lighter? happier? more satisfied? 

I bet you do. :)  Share this awareness with others and make the world a more beautiful place by raising the vibration of the collective consciousness.

Peace & love,


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In what ways have you seen an increase in positivity in your life lately? Let me know in the comment section below...